Film & Medicine

Aside from my pathophysiology paper that was due last Friday (which I need to start finish sometime today), I am done with that two week elective.

Tomorrow I start another two week elective. It’s called “Film & Medicine.”

I’ve gotten some wide eyes when I tell people that I’m going to be spending the next two weeks doing an elective called “Film & Medicine.”

From the course syllabus:

Because film encapsulates narrative efficiently, this seminar screens and discusses feature films which focus on stories about medical care. Films are chosen that explore the humanity of both physician and patient as prominent components of quality health care.

There looks to be quite a few interesting films scheduled to be viewed this year. In addition to the films, we have to write a 2-3 page paper and read the John Irving book The Cider House Rules.

Here are the list of movies:

I’m pretty excited about this class. It should be fun.

Oh, I am going to miss fourth year when it ends.