Call Day

Our team was on short call today. The intern and senior resident were raving about ZDoggMD and his videos. This is his parody of Rebecca Black’s song “Friday.”

We watched it during lunch in the cafeteria. I think this version is better.


Internists are hilarious!


Medical Humor: Is She Dilated?

The following is something going around on the Internet. Not sure if it really happened, but I’d like to think it did.


Doctor: Go see this patient, she’s going into active labour. I want you to check if she’s dilated or not.
Med Student: Um, okay. I will go check.

Medical student sees patient, checks the patient’s eyes, then reports back.

Med Student: Um…I think they both look pretty dilated.
Doctor: …What do you mean…both?


Medical Humor – Hiding $100

How do you hide a $100 dollar bill from a general surgeon?

Put it in the patients notes.

How do you hide a $100 dollar bill from an orthopedic surgeon?

Put it in a textbook.

How do you hide a $100 bill from a radiologist?

Tape it to a patient.

How do you hide a $100 bill from an internist?

Hide it under a dressing.

How do yo hide a $100 bill from a psychiatrist?

Anywhere — just call a code and they’ll be headed away from it.

How do you hide a $100 dollar bill from a plastic surgeon?

It’s a trick question. You can’t.

How do you hide a $100 bill from a neurosurgeon?

Tape it to his kid.

– Brought to you by the Internet
Source: Mainly here but also from people who have told me.


The Evolution of Handwriting

Image by Fizzy at DocCartoon

This made me laugh so I had to share.

I found the above image at the blog of Doc Cartoon. Seems like it has some interesting posts. You should check it out. The address of the blog is: If you click on the image above, it will take you to the specific post where I got the image.


Outside Hospital
We’ve all heard about it. We’ve all read about it. Now we really find out what actually goes on at Outside Hospital.


Medical Humor – Four Doctors Go Hunting…

Four docs went on a duck-hunting trip together: a family practitioner, a gynecologist, a surgeon, and a pathologist.

As a bird flew overhead, the family practitioner started to shoot but decided not to because he wasn’t absolutely sure it was a duck.

The gynecologist also started to shoot, but lowered his gun when he realized he didn’t know whether it was a male or a female duck.

The surgeon, meanwhile, blew the bird away, turned to the pathologist and said, “Go see if that was a duck.”

– Brought to you by the Internet
Source: Link