Night Float

I’m on my Night Float rotation this month. Needless to say, I’m not a big fan of the rotation. There are four interns assigned to Night Float this month. Two interns are on each night. So we each have about 14 or 15 nights during the month. Which is still better than months when there are only 3 interns — they have to do about 21 nights each. On days that I am not scheduled to come in at 7 PM, I am supposed to go into the Ambulatory clinic and see patients there.

I was one of the two lucky interns to start the month on Nights. Just finished Day 2. Or, I should say, night 2. My first stretch is a 4 nigh stretches of nights. The hardest part is those last few hours between 4 and 7 AM. I just get so sleepy.

This morning I came back home after my 2nd night of night float. I got home before 8 AM. Get out of my scrubs and jumped into bed. Ok, maybe I crawled in. The next thing I knew it was 2 PM. Again, not a big fan. It really messes up your schedule and ability to get normal things — even mundane things like errands — done.

Perhaps I should talk to the nocturnist and ask them how they do it.

Well, better try and get a bit more rest before I have to go back tonight!