Today’s Medical Lesson — Sausage Fingers

In my continuing quest to prepare for Step 2 CK in just over a week, I have been going over practice questions. Here’s something I reviewed today — a condition called Psoriatic Arthritis.

Here’s is a picture depicting classic symptoms of the disease:

Classic symptoms include:

  • morning stiffness
  • deformed joints
  • nail involvement
  • dactylitis
  • “pencil in cup” deformity on x-ray of hands

My favorite one is dactylitis — aka “sausage digit.” See the man’s left index finger? That’s the sausage digit — a diffusely swollen finger.

And that’s the lesson for today.

And I have really been wanting to share about what I learned last week (or was it the week before). It was about something called the “anal wink.” But I guess that will have to be for another day.

Hope ya’all are having a fantastic Thursday!

Update: And a thanks to Ryan who commented below to remind me to add the “pencil in cup” classical finding on x-ray!

  • Ryan

    Don’t forget the “pencil in cup” deformity if you x-ray these hands too.  I’m studying for Step 2 as well and that one got me the other day.  

  • Nice. Added it in.


  • Definitely share some of the neat stuff you learned! But maybe not the “anal wink” part…