Placed A Laryngeal Mask Airway Today!

Today was my second day on Anesthesia. Unfortunately, none of the cases required an endotracheal tube placement. So I could not get that procedure signed off today.

However, the attending did let me place a Laryngeal Mask Airway (aka LMA) on one of the older patients. And by older, I mean teen-aged.

You can click the link above to see a description about what it is and what it does. But below is a picture of how an LMA might look.

Silicon & PVC LMA

I placed one that looks like the second, clear one. Once the patient is sedated with the anesthesia, you open their mouth and push that mask into their mouth and down into the pharynx.

This figure illustrates where the LMA sits within the patient.

Anyways… I was just excited about this. Not like it is a huge procedure or anything. It’s simple, really. But a first, nonetheless.