Studying Quirks

I’m trying to get through the PreTest — Psychiatry. The format of the series divides each clerkship into chapters based on topics. There are questions in the beginning of the chapters with answers and explanations at the end of each chapter.

I keep telling myself to read through and answer all the questions first, then read through the explanations. But I keep giving in to the urge to check answers almost immediately after circling my answer.

I feel like I am slowing myself down. Can’t decide which is a better method. But it’s frustrating because I can’t stick to the method that I want to use!

But what probably is slowing down most of all is that I am taking the time to blog about it….

  • ugh, i’m the say way! i try to resist the urge to check the answer as soon as i’m done the question, but i usually do it anyways haha. trying to get thru 1st aid right now for my COMP exam =/

  • Ooh… Good luck! 🙂