Holy Smokes!

I found this video on today. It’s ridiculous. A toddler in Sumatra, Indonesia smokes 40 cigarettes a day. Supposedly the government has offered to give the parents a car if the kid stops smoking. The parents, however, say that the kid gets irritated and dizzy when not allowed to smoke. Nicotine withdrawal? Who would’ve thought?

Edit: For some reason MSNBC removed their news clip talking about the smoking baby. I found another clip of him from YouTube, this one without any news commentary.

Edit: And now YouTube has removed the video. So here is another one from Break.

EMBED-Ardi Rizal - The real SMOKING BABY !! - Watch more free videos


Guess Mom Was Worried About Pathophys

Yesterday I had my Pathophysiology final exam. The policy is that as long as you pass the final with a 65%, then you pass the course. If you don’t get below 65% on the final, then they will average all the scores, with the final weighing 40% of your grade and the average must be above 65%

The test was 120 questions and we were given 5 hours. It started at 9:00 AM and we were given 60 questions and 2.5 hours to complete it. We had to come back at 1:00 PM for the second.

After the test my brain was a wreck. I couldn’t think and it was hard for me to get studying for the next exam (Pharmacology). Well the posted the scores later that night and I passed it.

Today I messaged mom on Yahoo:

Me: so i passed the hardest class in 2nd year
Mom: thank GOd

Yeah.. So I guess she was worried about it.


How’re You Doing Today?

Me: How’re you doing today?
Patient: Oh, can’t complain.
Me: That’s good.
Patient: No one listens to me!
Me: Oh… well that’s not good.

I love patients with a sense of humor. Well, I hope my patient was just joking…


Study, Study, Study

Kind of freaking out over exams and too tempted to use the essay rewrite service already now. Exams start in a little over a week. Exams will take two weeks. Then I’ll have 2 weeks to study for Step 1, which is one of the licensing exams.

The Pathophysiology exam is on the 18th. It’s a cumulative exam with part one in the morning and part two after lunch. The picture above is the course syllabus. Close to 600 pages of the mechanism of diseases. I flipped through it and found a page that had zero markings. No highlighting, no annotations.

It freaked me out cause I thought I should know something about that topic. So I quickly turned to look at other marked up pages like the one pictured above.

Blah.. back to studying.