Just woke up from a strange dream. It was a pretty convoluted “storyline” that started off with me running away from the “authorities” in some old-time setting. And by old-time setting I mean a couple hundred years ago. At least that’s how it felt because the people who were chasing me were doing so with swords.

Anyhow, the dream ended in a modern day setting where I was at a party. There were movie stars and I was some new person to the “scene.” My manager was worried about me and the press coverage.

Suddenly one of the ladies at the party started flying. But we knew she was on some sort of harness and it was all part of the entertainment. Something went wrong, though, and she slammed into a wall and dropped like a rag doll. I rushed to her side and started assessing the situation.

We didn’t want to mover her.

I believe I managed to intubate her.

It was a blur, and a flurry of action because along the way some good-natured person slipped her a pill while she was unconscious in hopes of helping her. I’m not sure when this happened but it must’ve been while I was otherwise occupied. This pill was causing her airway to close up and the reason I had to intubate her.

I just had to write this up because it seems like dream-me is progressing through my medical education faster than real-me. Which is alright, I suppose. Because at least real-me doesn’t have to run away with armed guards equipped from swords.