I was bored

Edit (1/25/10): Office Max decided to take down the elf dances, but I’m leaving this post up because what I wrote below the really awesome elfing was an in-the-moment snapshot of how I felt at that time.

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Yeah. I was bored. And pissed off about microbiology. So I made this to cheer me up. Test week is next week and the everything is going crazy.

The dean’s office added two more exams. One for psychopathology and one for neuroscience because there are students who need the extra exam to pull their grades up.

So 8 exams in 7 days. Oh, joy.

After using Twitter so much in recent days I have noticed my sentences have become terse. Actually it might also have to do with school being a pain now. Well school isn’t really a pain. Just the schedule we have been on.

Hopefully I’ll be able to write something this weekend before exams, but most likely it won’t be until afterwards