The Game Plan

It’s been two weeks since we had midterm exams. I did alright; I didn’t reach my goal. But I can do better. Not getting down on myself at all — just trying to learn and improve.

I was talking to someone who I would call my coach. She talked to me about now moving on to Peak Performance.

What is peak performance? She gave me a few things to consider.

I told her that my final exams for the fall quarter would begin on the week of December 14.

She told me that she wanted me to be prepared for exams by December 10 and that the days between the 10th and the 14th would serve as relaxed, light, review. Furthermore, she wanted me to attack my studies with 100% intensity. Two weeks before the exams I am to drop down to 80% and then the final week before the exams begin will be down to 60%

That sounds great. But how do I do that?

Well she told me it would be tiring. She told me that I would be tired now. But it would pay off during exams. It’d pay off when, on the night before my exam, I can go to bed early and wake up refreshed because I don’t have to cram.

My coach is a big fan of sports analogies. And I think the analogies are pretty spot on — at least most of the time.

How do peak performers, people who are at the top of their respective games, prepare for the big day/game?

Well this is what she taught me of what Peak Performers do:

  • Get ready way ahead of time.
  • Strategize from day 1 — and in my case this means forming a study strategy for every single subject.
  • Practice daily as if I am performing on the final day — For me, she wants me studying now at 100% intensity because that is the intensity I will need come test day.
  • Go for the win; no other option is on the radar
  • Be solution-focused. If they don’t perform well, peak performers reflect, learn, and then grow. they don’t stew/gripe over a misstep.

It’s a tall order. I’m a bit intimidated by it. But I want to. I see her this coming week and she is expecting me to give a study plan for each subject. I am supposed to look ahead in the class schedule and start planning backwards.

This weekend I will create a daily schedule — hopefully I will be able to stick to it. No, I will stick to it.

It’s 5 weeks ’till game time. And the preparation begins now.