Med School’s That Way by On Call

Just found this music video on YouTube. It’s an a cappella group consisting of medical students at the University of Rochester School of Medicine.



Consider the Cow

Pastor Nick, a friend of mine, tweeted this:

Anyone else realize that they need to “chew the cud” when it comes to meditating on Scripture? (link)

cowAs I read that tweet I had a mental image of a cow chewing. And chewing. And chewing. All to properly digest its food.

It reminded me of something that King Solomon is credited with saying, “Go to the ant… Consider her ways and be wise” (Proverbs 6:6, NKJV).

I tweeted back that Nick should write a blog entry titled “Consider The Cow,” but as soon as I sent that I wanted to use it. Because while Nick tweeted about needing to “chew the cud” in the context of meditating on scripture, I think it is also the very thing we need to do as medical students.

With the sheer amounts of information thrown at us it is very easy to try and speed through the various reading assignments. But when trying to memorize, repetition is the key. Slowing down and taking time is paramount (although one cannot be too slow). Without doing so, the material is quickly forgotten — or at least the details eventually slip away.

And as they say, the devil is in the details. It will be the little things that trip us up on an exam. When considering a clinical case, one little detail can mean the difference between a diagnosis of schizophrenia and schizophreniform disorder.

So go to the cow. Consider her ways, and be wise! Take time to process the material and linger a few moments longer on the little details that help to differentiate (and here I am writing this for me more than anyone else).

Now if the details are that important, if they can lead to making man whole — or at least helping them get better — then would that mean that God is in the details?

I suppose that would be a topic best left to the philosophy and theology bloggers…

Me? I’ll just put up my brand new cow poster. And every time I see it I will remember to slow down and properly digest my “food.”


The WikiPremed MCAT Course

I got an email today from John over at The WikiPremed MCAT Course – An Open Access Learning Program for the Premedical Curriculum.. In the email he shared with me about the WikiPremed MCAT Course website that he and his team have been working on for a few years now.

I thought it sounded interesting so I clicked on over to check it out.

It really looks to be like a great resource for pre-med students who are trying to study for the MCAT. Even better, it’s a whole lot more affordable than the Kaplan or Princeton Review courses.

In addition to their online learning modules, they do provide written materials, flash cards, etc.

If you’re a premed student, consider checking them out. Even if you do go ahead with one of the more well-known review courses, it looks like this could be a really nice addition to your study regimen.

Also, another idea would be to read through the modules covering the sections you are learning in your Physics, Biology, Chemistry, or Organic Chemistry class.

You can click on over to the Wiki by using the link above (at the beginning of this post) or the link to the right under the “Student Resources” section.