Loma Linda University: Perspectives from non-Adventists

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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now. Occasionally I get a question like this: I’m not Adventist, but I am a Christian. Should I apply to Loma Linda University?

In a previous post (What is Loma Linda University really like?) I wrote that I have not heard any complaints. Although I did write that I had never asked any of my classmates directly. Well last week I got the chance to ask two classmates who are not Seventh-Day Adventists how they felt about Loma Linda University. The gist of what they said is that while they might not believe everything Adventists believe, they are happy with their decision to attend a Christian medical school like Loma Linda.

I also found a blog entry by another classmate. He is Episcopalian and he writes about his thoughts on Loma Linda University at his blog Northwest Anglican. The post is titled Surviving Medical School with Faith Intact.

This article is from Spectrum Magazine and references the article above: Thoughts from an Episcopalian at Loma Linda University | Spectrum.

A quote from the post:

Another conversation I’ve had with some of my classmates is a “what if” conversation considering whether we would have gone to some of the more prestigious schools we applied to had we been accepted. And there was a time when I would have said, “yes,” that if I had gotten into Harvard or Mayo Clinic that I would have gone there. But looking back on this year and considering things with the eternal perspective of the importance of my soul, I would have to say, “no.” Think what you will about Seventh-day Adventist theology, but I have to say that they have founded and nourished an institution where a Christian can become a doctor and where they can be affirmed and encouraged in their faith in Jesus Christ. For this I am very thankful to my Adventist brothers and sisters.

Hopefully this will help those trying to decide which medical schools to apply to.