Loma Linda University Centennial Complex

Loma Linda University is undergoing some major construction work. Scheduled for opening in 2009 is the Loma Linda University Centennial Complex. It will house a number of things including an amphitheater for freshman medical students and the Anatomy Lab. Honestly, I’m a little jealous of the students that will be using these facilities. I heard that the Anatomy lab will be one of the largest Anatomy labs in the country.

Click here to visit the project’s homepage. As of today, there is a video tour available (although it is a few months old since the building does not yet have walls in the video).

Below are artist renditions of the final project. At the very bottom is a picture I took today (on my phone) of the building — well at least part of it.



Centennial Complex (9/26/08)

Centennial Complex (9/26/08)