It’s been a slow week.

Well I finished my week and a half at Child Psych. In my last post I wrote a bit about that. I miss being there. My last day was Tuesday. So technically, I’ve been on the General Surgery service for three days now. But I didn’t go in on Wednesday (my third year was sick and told me not to go in). So I missed my first day on Gen Surg.

Yesterday I went and sat through an hour lecture by a neurosurgeon on Intracranial Metastatic Disease. I got to be the designated “next” guy — which means I sat with the keyboard and advanced the powerpoint slides for him. So I definitely didn’t want to fall asleep. At this point I still hadn’t met my third year, but I thought he was sitting in the back of the room (there were less than 15 people). He told me to meet him at the conference room for a lecture, but I hadn’t met him before we got started.

After the lecture I met the third year student I would be following for the next week and a half. He took me to the call room where I dropped off my bag and then we headed to the Minor Surgery section.

I saw a two masses removed from two different patients. I think they were sebaceous cysts, both located on the patients’ backs. The cut was pretty deep. From my point of view it looked like they cut down an inch deep.

Honestly, there was none of the excitement one generally ascribes to time spent on the General Surgery service. I have clinic today later at 1 PM, but I doubt I’ll see anything terribly exciting. I hope I get to scrub in on something next week…


Yesterday, after I got home I found an email from one of the editors at Medscape – The Differential. The Differential is a group blog hosted at Medscape. And, I believe, Medscape is a part of WebMD… or closely associated with it?

Anyways, the email was asking if I would be interested in joining the group blog over there. I’ll let you know what happens with that. I’m considering joining if they offer. Although, from the looks of it, the blogs there are not-at-all anonymous. But then again, this blog isn’t very anonymous either…