It Is Finished

I’m really happy. The joy is just crazy. It might even be bordering on giddiness. Today I came out of the two and a half weeks of exams. Previously I posted our final exam schedule. All in all, there were thirteen exams spread out over that time period. Three of those were National Boards Subject Exams, two were practical exams (Anatomy and Neuroscience), and the rest were in-house finals.

So tonight I’m just excited to be done with all my exams. Although I’m wondering if tomorrow that excitement will be replaced with dread. Now I will just have to sit and wait for the scores to come back in.

Tomorrow, we have orientation for the final month of Freshman Ward’s Experience. I found out that I got assigned to Psychiatry for my first two weeks and then Surgery for the final two. I think I rated both of these in the top 5 on my list of preferences. I heard that for the end of the freshman year I would want a relatively easy rotation. So, psychiatry was my pick. Surgery was listed in the top 5 just for me to see what its like in the event I may one day choose to pursue it. But now, I’m a little regretful. People (namely, third years) have been telling me that its tiring and the schedule is hectic. And, as a first year, I probably won’t get much out of it anyways.

Anyways, now that finals are over, and I’m back on the wards, I hope I’ll be able to have some time to write a few more posts about how the year went and things like that. Maybe I’ll even post some of the experiences from these next four weeks seeing actual patients.

  • I’m looking forward to your posts on your experiences with your Surgery rotation.

  • I’m looking forward to your posts on your experiences with your Surgery rotation.