A Random Medical School Pre-Exam-Week Post

It’s getting busy now. It must seem like I say that a lot on my posts. At least I feel like I write that a lot. But its once again the week before exams. The lecture schedule is tapering off. We have only 3 lectures on Thursday (as opposed to the normal 4) and then no lectures at all on Friday.

I’ve been posting less in the past 2 months. It was an attempt to cut out some distractions. Although I do enjoy writing here and it can be, at times, quite therapeutic. But as it goes, school comes first. After all, I would have nothing to blog about if I don’t pass the year. And would no longer make any sense. Cause I’m not planning to move to Maryland anytime soon.

Even now, I should be studying. I’m sitting here writing this post in the library. But I saw something in here that looked out of place. It looked so out of place that I actually found an excuse to walk by the aisle a second time to get another look.

I saw someone sleeping in the library! No, this was not the normal exhausted looking medical student. This was an older woman. And she wasn’t sitting at a desk either. She was sitting in a chair placed in the middle of an aisle of books. She took up the whole aisle. You couldn’t get by her.

I suppose one might think she was a student. But something tells me otherwise. She didn’t look that clean. Behind her chair there was what looked like a small piece of luggage. In front of her was some push cart filled with her things. I couldn’t get a good look at what exactly was in there. It just struck me as an odd sight to see.

I don’t want to assume she is homeless. But I’m afraid I’ve already done so. That may be a by-product of living within 20 minutes of downtown Los Angeles where I have often seen homeless people going around with a suitcase. Regardless, she does not look like a student. And, technically, I don’t believe non-students are supposed to be in the campus library.

I attend a university whose motto is “to continue the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ — to make man whole.” Is her presence in the library a lapse in our security? Or are they intentionally allowing her to escape the nasty heat outside and sit a while in the cool of the library’s basement where she is no bother to anyone. She really isn’t in the way, even if you can’t get at the books she is sleeping in front of. She’s in a part of the library that hardly has any traffic anyways.

I wonder if I, hoping to one day become a good, Christian, physician should have gone up to talk to her. From the little experience I have had in life, I know that every one has a story to tell. Maybe she would have been grateful for it. But maybe she would’ve been annoyed at being woken up. I know I don’t like that.

Well, as the title implies, this was just a random post. I really don’t have anything to write about except that which I already have. It’s possible I’m just avoiding my physiology notes right now…

So with that, it’s off to Physio-Land to study the hormonal miracle of life! 🙂