I Want A Bionic Eye!


I WANT a bionic eye! Well who wouldn’t? If you’ve seen the television show on NBC, then you know what the bionic eye can do.

I read an article over at titled “Vision of the future seen in bionic contact lens.” It looks like we, and by we I mean we as a society, may be getting closer to bionic eyes. Or, at least, bionic contact lenses.

As I understand it, a contact lens has been made at the University of Washington that has circuitry embedded in the lens. The researchers hope to one day be able to use the lenses to project an image at the retina.

In effect, the user, and the user only, would be able to see images projected by the lens into their own eyes.

Check out the story for more. (I’d summarize here but I’m trying to avoid the whole copyright infringement thing… for legal reasons).