The other day I got home around 10:45 PM. I had been studying in the library in the dungeon (basement floor). Since there was no cell phone reception down there, I didn’t find out I had a voicemail until I got back home.

My mom had left a message. I wasn’t sure what she called for, but in the message she left she complained about my voicemail greeting. My voicemail greeting is an Italian-accented male voice. It sounded funny at the time… so that’s what I chose to use. So I’m listening to this voicemail message from my mom and she’s complaining about my “ugly” greeting and then offers to record a message for me.. lol.

Well after listening to the message I call home. As the phone is ringing, I’m just hoping that my parents didn’t go to sleep yet. Before the third ring, my mom picks up the phone. I say hi. She says hi. I tell her where I was and why I couldn’t pick up the phone. This whole time I’m wondering why she called me earlier.

Then she tells me (paraphrased):

I don’t want you worrying about anything now. Don’t worry money. Don’t worry about your stocks. If you need anything, tell me, and I’ll do it if I can. Your job right now is to study.

And the conversation continued something like this…

Mom: Do you need any food? I can cook you food.
Me: Okay.
Mom: What do you want me to cook?
Me: Uh… I dunno

I’m kind of taken back by this conversation… I’m not too sure why she needed to call me to say this. I’m.. slightly speechless? I can’t think of something I want her to cook for me.. lol

Anyways, the point of this post is just to say thanks. Last week during Thanksgiving I was so caught up with the stress of school I didn’t really think about what I was thankful for. I even studied on Thanksgiving Day! But on an evening where I find myself unable to sleep, there is some clarity. I’m thankful for my parents who have always been there, always supportive.

Thanks, Mom and Dad.