Professionalism 101

I was just browsing through Facebook and looking at a few of my classmates pages. Here’s an interesting post I found on Jane’s (not real name) page. She received an email that I’ve quoted below (with her permission, of course).


We noticed on your most recent CSF Quiz that you just wrote down


While first name use does allow for larger letters and neater handwriting on the line provided, it is not considered very professional for a future physician. If you find that you must shorten your full name for space purposes, we would prefer this version:

J. Doe

Thank-you, in advance, for helping us out in this matter. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Sharon and/or Rachel

hmm… i’ll have to write that down and file it away under “lessons of the first year”… its great that they teach us these things. i mean, when you’re paying $30,000+ per year, i wanna squeeze out every last bit of advice on how to be a better doctor one day. i would hate to sign only my first name on a prescription pad and have the DEA come after me or something…