Test Week 2 Over, Thanksgiving coming up

Well we got through the second set of exams. Now we are working our way through the pulmonary system. Already I feel like I’m falling behind and we’ve only had one week and 2 days since the last set of exams. I’m hoping to be able to catch up over this coming weekend and Thanksgiving break. I can’t believe I actually want to study during Thanksgiving break… Well I don’t really want to study… I just want to catch up… So I suppose on some levels I do want to study…

I’m finding respiratory physiology to be tricky. Thankfully I find our textbook (Respiratory Physiology by West) very helpful. Although, it is pretty dense… The thing costs about $40 an is a small paperback book. I’d almost call it a booklet. But in all fairness, I think its 12 chapters long. Its also the same book used at UCSD School of Medicine. Dr. West, the author of the book, teaches there.

Cell Structure & Function is looking a little intimidating. We have a huge stack of notes for the Christmas exams. It will probably have close to 80 questions on it… by far the largest test of the year in the class. The class is very front-loaded. The majority of lectures will be given before Christmas Break.