post Air passengers can sue over blood clots

Source: – Judge: Air passengers can sue over blood clots

AirTravelApparently a judge has ruled that passengers can sue airlines over blood clots. The article writes that patients who developed a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) can sue the airline if they were not allowed to move to an empty seat with more leg room.

I realize that a DVT can be fatal. So its not something that should be taken lightly. But this whole thing seems like a bad idea to me. If this case goes in favor of the passengers, will the airlines resort to taking out a few rows and raising airfare to avoid a future lawsuit?

And what about people who love taking advantage of “the system.” I can imagine someone tired of sitting in economy asking the flight attendant if there are any empty seats in the first class cabin because they are at risk for a DVT. And what about if there are 2 at-risk passengers requesting a change of seat and only one seat available? Well, flight attendants are far from qualified to decide which passenger is at a greater risk for developing blood clots.

Theme parks post warnings to visitor who may have heart trouble. Some people just cannot ride roller coasters. I think it should be the same for the airline industry. There are some medical conditions where a physician needs to strongly advise against air travel. Maybe those at risk for a DVT should be advised not to fly. Airlines should do whatever they can to ensure safety for their passengers, but there has to be a limit.

  • Jennifer_okie

    all arline seats should be ample in size.. you can’t pack humans in like sardines and not expect there to be damage to them.  i don’t care about the cost of the seats