Alright, I finally got back from my trip on July 14. The trip, which I took with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and little sister, took us to Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand. That trip was really fun. We got to see many different things. I posted a few highlights from the trip at flickr.

On July 19 I had to go to the oral surgeon. Why? They said I needed to extract all four of my wisdom teeth. Yippeee. The appointment was at 8 AM and they had me take a valium pill an hour beforehand. Before the surgery began, I asked how long it would take and one lady said about 45 minutes. Regardless I think I was home before 10.

The rest of the day I just ate three cups of yogurt. One for lunch and almost two for dinner. By 9 PM my front lip was no longer numb. Its a weird feeling to touch your lip and not feel your finger on it…lol

Now I have a scheduled appointment with my doctor on July 21 for a physical and TB test which is required for Loma Linda University. I think only the TB test is required to complete my immunization history. I don’t think the physical is necessary. I might even be loaded up on vicodin for the pain. My dad scheduled the appointment for me while I was out of the country. So I guess I’ll just go.

Orientation for LLU is at 8 AM on August 3. They want us to “dress professionally” so that we can take ID pictures. Then on August 4 (Friday evening) we will be having the whitecoat ceremony.