Informal “Get-to-know-you” Interviews

I just got an email from one of the three Pre-Medicine advisors here on campus. On Tuesday, May 10, Dr. Stephen Nyirady will be visiting the campus. If I remember correctly, he is the Vice President for admissions from Loma Linda University School of Medicine.

One of the things he will be doing while on campus is presenting at an “interest” session. The second thing he will be doing, and I’m sure the one most people are a little bit nervous about, is conducting interviews. I’m told that for those who are planning to submit an application this summer (to begin Med school in Fall of 2006), this interview is a more informal one just to “get aquainted.”

LoL. No pressure, huh?

Well I shall see how it goes. I’ll probably sign up for an interview and try to find out about how the school operates; it’ll be useful to know how classes operate, class size, how many students get into their first choice for residency… that sorta thing.